Families in Transition, or FIT, is a popular program of Opening Doors serving individuals and families in the Gardere area and South Baton Rouge. This mission program was approved on October 25, 2018, and it has provided crucial financial, educational and varied types of support to those it has served.

FIT’s mission is to provide broad support for an individual or family experiencing challenges while transitioning from a difficult situation to a point where they can support themselves. Through partnerships with other groups in the community, FIT offers educational, vocational, financial, nutritional and referral services that will meet identified basic needs. FIT also provides coaching and counseling in areas we see are needed to help the family become self-sufficient or on the way to reaching their goals over a period of no more than six months.

Support may be in the form of help working towards educational goals such as tutoring, career planning or job search, financial planning, education, basic food needs and short-term financial needs. Whenever practical, non-financial assistance is preferred. Financial support is limited and prioritized to necessities. A project team manages the activities and reports back to the Opening Doors’ officers and members. All funding is independent of other Opening Doors’ activities.

Interested parties may obtain a written application. Upon receiving the written application the applicant will have an verbal interview after which time the applicant will be told whether or not they are accepted into the program.