Officers and Committee Chairs

Chair: Sandra Kuykendall
Vice-Chair: Bobbi Marino
Secretary: Bonnie Byland
Treasurer: Jan Hughes

Programs and Committee Chairs:

The Shepherd’s Market – Theresa Sandifer,

Other programs offered through The Shepherd’s Market:

  1. Computer room – Theresa Sandifer, and Lynn Cooper,
  2. Sewing classes – Joyce Perry,
  3. Medicare applications through Wellcare

Charlie Thomas Head Start Center – Sandra Kuykendall, Chair

  1. Parent Recognition Program – Sandra Kuykendall,
  2. Holiday Superstore – Marilyn Damberg, and Danielle Blackwood,
  3. Unity in the Community – Betty Schroeder,
  4. Summer Reading Program – Danielle Blackwood,

Support for Local Schools/Students –

  1. Wildwood Elementary – Buffie Grayson,
  2. School Supplies – Beth Forester,

Gardere Initiative Representative – Amy Richardson

VITA – Tax Preparation –

Financial Literacy Class –

Families in Transition –